Your 5 Jokes for January 04, 2014: Slap Jokes

Avenging The Slap

A macho man slapped his wife, and she was insulted. She went to her father and told him, "An eye for an eye. My husband has slapped me, and you must avenge me"

So her father asked, "On which cheek did did he slap you?"

"He slapped my left cheek."

So the father slapper his daughter on the right and said, "Be happy, I have avenged you. You can tell your husband that he has slapped my daughter, but I have slapped his wife"

The Enema

Todd was in his hospital bed and had been getting many tests done. A nurse came in and stated, "I have bad news and good news. Which do you want first?"

"Tell me the bad news first" said Todd

The nurse replies, "The bad news is that your HMO refuses to pay for you to have an enema. But, the good news is that your doctor will be in shortly to slap the shit out of you."

The Fool

Santa came to Banta and said...

Your friend is kissing your wife in your home.

Banta rushed home angrily.

After half an hour, he came back and slapped the Santa and said..

You fool, he is not my friend.

The Good Healer

Milka came out of Examination room of his Doctor and praised, "Your nurse there is really great healer. She touched me and I can hear now."

Doctor Said, "Yes, We all heard the sound of slap on your face."

Wrong Person

I went to a cinema with Akpos, on getting to the cinema we saw a bald guy, I showed the guy to Akpos and said "Look at fresh head, this one is good to slap, but I'm afraid of the guy's face".

Akpos then said to me "Ofego, you fear a lot, I will slap that head and nothing will happen".

I dared him to do it and he went to where the guy was sitting and gave him a HOT SLAP on his head. The guy was surprised, and wanted to react, then Akpos said "Bros Ofego, so you are here, and we have been looking for you at home!"

The guy responded "I'm not Bros Ofego, maybe we look alike", Akpos murmured "maybe."

After some minutes In the cinema, Akpos called me again and said "Ofego, I will slap that guy again and nothing will happen." I answered "ok"

He went to the guy, gave him a hot slap and said "Bros Ofego stop lying, I say na u be dis..." The guy said to him angrily "I'm not Bros Ofego, please, let me be". The guy then left that seat and went to the front seat.

After some minutes Akpos called me and said "Ofego, I will slap that guy again and nothing will happen." This time i told him that "if anything happens, I will pretend I don't know him."

He stood up, went to the front seat, gave the guy a very hot slap and said "Bros Ofego, so na here you are, and I’ve slapped another person in the back, thinking that it was you!"