Your 5 Jokes for October 21, 2012: Imagination Jokes


The mother took her young daughter to a psychiatrist and explained to the headshrinker that the girl thought she was a chicken. The doctor soothed her, observing that an overactive imagination is not uncommon in children, and asking how long the girl had suffered from the delusion.

"Almost two years," said the mother.

"Your daughter has imagined she is a chicken for nearly two years?!" the psychiatrist exclaimed. "Why have you waited so long before bringing her in?"

The woman looked embarrassed, then confessed: "We needed the eggs, doctor."


A ghost sitting on a tree said to his companion "I am just saved."

The other ghost asked, "Why? What happened?"

The first ghost replied, "I saw a man below the tree, but he did not see me."

The other ghost said, “Oh! Idiot, there is nothing like Man in this world. It is all our imagination."


Three members of a spiritual sect were walking along a mountain path.

The leading member stopped suddenly and announced, "That looks like cow dung on the path."

The second, middle member leaned over the pile and announced, "It smells to me like cow dung."

The third member poked the pile with a finger, then licked his finger. "It tastes incredibly foul. It must be cow dung."

The leading member proclaimed. "The world is an illusion. We must continue on our path to enlightenment. This cow dung, too, is an illusion."

They proceeded. The second member was unable to avoid stepping in the cow dung.

A few steps further, he commented: "I have the illusion of cow dung sticking to my sandals."


The drunk was floundering down the alley carrying a box with holes on the side. He bumped into a friend who asked, “What do you have in there, pal?"

“A mongoose."

“What for?"

“Well, you know how drunk I can get. When I get drunk, I see snakes, and I’m scared to death of snakes. That’s why I got this mongoose, for protection."

“But," the friend said, “you idiot! Those are imaginary snakes."

“That’s okay," said the drunk, showing his friend the interior of the box, “So is the mongoose."

The Axis Of Earth

Teacher: What is the axis of the earth?

Student: The axis of the earth is an imaginary line which passes from one pole to the other, and on which the earth revolves.

Teacher: Very good. Now, could you hang clothes on that line?

Student: Yes, Sir.

Teacher: Indeed, and what sort of clothes?

Student: Imaginary clothes, Sir.