Your 5 Jokes for October 06, 2012: Head Jokes

A Rabbit In The Box

The problem – There’s a box with a hole at each end and there’s a rabbit in the box. The rabbit sticks his head out of the hole in one end, and a minute later he sticks it out the other end.

Half a minute later, his head appears at the opposite end, a fourth of a minute later it appears at the end opposite to that one, an eighth of a minute later… etc., etc.

How long will it take before the rabbit sticks its head out of both ends of the box at the same time?

In theory, two minutes. In practice, no answer is possible unless you split hares.


Doctor Jacobs finished his examination and informed Herman that he was in perfect health. "But what about my headaches?" Herman moaned.

"I'm not at all worried about your headaches," Dr. Jacobs replied.

"If you had my headaches, doctor, I would't worry about them either," said Herman.

Head On…

A policeman is on scene at a terrible accident - body parts everywhere. He is making his notes of where the pieces are and comes across a head. He writes in his notebook: "Head on bullevard" and scratches out his spelling error. "Head on bouelevard" Nope, doesn't look right - scratch, scratch. "Head on boolevard..." dang it! Scratch scratch. He looks around and sees that no one is looking at him as he kicks the head. "Head on curb."


Tom: Why are you scratching your head?

Harry: I’ve got those arithmetic bugs again

Tom: Arithmetic bugs? What are they?

Harry: Well, some people call them head lice.

Tom: Then why do you call them arithmetic bugs?

Harry: Because they add to my misery, subtract from my pleasure, divide my attention and multiply like crazy.

What Happened To You?

A guy with a huge orange head goes in to see a doctor. The doctor says, "How did you get such a huge orange head?"

The guy says,

"Well, one day I was walking down the beach when I tripped over an old lantern. A genie came out and said, I'll grant you three wishes, whatever you desire... what is your first wish?'

I said, I'd like all the money I could ever spend.'

The genie went Poof!', and there it was, all the money I could ever spend.

Then he said, What is your second wish?'

I said, I'd like a beautiful woman to love me, someone I could enjoy this money with.'

The genie went Poof!', and there she was, a gorgeous girl who immediately loved me.

Then the genie said, And what is your third wish?'... and I think this is where I went wrong... I said, I'd like a huge orange head.'"


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