Your 5 Jokes for June 07, 2012: Foreign Language Jokes

A Person Who Speaks …

A person who speaks two languages is bilingual... A person who speaks three languages is trilingual... A person who speaks four or more languages is multilingual.

What is a person who speaks one language?

An American.

Do You Speak English?

A New Russian in a duty free shop: "Do you speak English?"

Seller answers: "Yes, I do!"

New Russian: Marlboro!

The Front Desk Agent

Once a front desk agent from a foreign country was trying to speak in English to a guest. Then the guest appreciated him and told “Where have you learned to speak English?"

The front desk agent replied “I have learned, ‘You understand?’ from our Managing Director, ‘I love you’ from the TV and ‘Good Morning’ from our receptionist madam."

The Multilingual Waitress

A manager of a restaurant had called its owner to ask about whether or not she should hire a new waitress.

"She can speak twelve different languages, which will be good for foreign visitors," said the manager.

"All right, so hire her," the owner replied.

"But, sir..."

"I knew there would be a but. What's wrong with her?"

"Sir, English isn't one of the twelve languages."

The Parrot

A man that was overseas decided to get his mother something special for her Birthday.

He searched all over and just when he was about to decide that nothing was really around that she didn't already have, he spotted a man with a very large parrot. He spoke with the man and found out the bird could sing and speak very well, he could this in 12 different languages. So he purchased the parrot for $10,000.00, and had it shipped to his mother in the States, with a note wishing her happy birthday.

On her birthday he called to get her reaction. "Mom, how did you like the present I sent you?"

She replied, "Yes son, thank you so much! It was very delicious, where on earth did you find such a tasty bird?!?"

In absolute shock, the man said, "MOM! What have you done?!? That bird cost $10,000.00 and he could sing and speak in 12 languages!!!"

There was a brief pause for a moment and then his mother replies, "Well, just why in the hell didn't he say something then?!?"


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