Your 5 Jokes for May 08, 2013: Detective Jokes

Homicide Two cops rush to a crime scene behind a grocery store. The homicide detective is already there. "What happened?" asks the first cop. "Male, about thirty, covered in Raisin Bran and dead as a doornail." "Oh my God," says the second officer. "Didn't we have one covered in Frosted Flakes yesterday? And Captain Crunch last week?" "You're right. I'm afraid," said the detective as he took a drag from his cigarette, "this is the work of a cereal killer."

Small Clothing Shop A small clothing shop had been burglarized and a detective was questioning the owner about how much she had lost. "It's pretty bad," she said, "but not as bad as it could have been had he robbed me yesterday." "Why would you say that?" the detective asked. "Because everything was on sale today," the woman explained.

The Golf Gun Two Mexican detectives were investigating the murder of Juan Gonzalez. "How was he killed?" asked one detective. "With a golf gun." answered the other detective. "A golf gun?! What is a golf gun?" asked the first detective. "I don't know, but it sure made a hole in Juan!"

Too Hot That master detective, Sherlock Holmes, was sitting on his chair beside the fireplace calmly reading a book when suddenly, his good partner, Dr. Watson came in. Sherlock Holmes looked at his friend and smiled, saying, "Why, Dr. Watson, don't you think the weather is a bit hot for you to be wearing your red flannel underwear?" Dr. Watson was shocked by this incredible and wonderful logic. "My good man," he gasped, "How did you know I was wearing my red flannel underwear?" Holmes smiled wider and put down his book. He explained, "Elementary, my dear Watson. You forgot to put your pants on."

Undercover Detective A tourist asks a man in uniform, "Are you a policeman?" "No, I am an undercover detective." "So why are you in uniform?" "Today is my day off."

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