Your 5 Jokes for June 01, 2014: Bus Passenger Jokes


On a bus going from Ibadan to Lagos, the phone of a girl sitting close to me rang she picks it and said "Honey, I'm in a bus going to Abuja for the burial, I'll call you when I get there".

Another girl's phone rang, she said "Sweetheart I'm on my way to Port-Harcourt for the Masters Degree Form, pls send me Credit for the trip."

Another one's phone rang, she said..."Alhaji, sorry I'm on my way to Owerri for the interview, I'll call you later."

A man who was sitting at the back of the bus suddenly raises his voice in anger "Driver stop please park! Park this bus! Where exactly is this bus going to!!!?"

Your 5 Jokes for May 29, 2014: Police Dog Jokes


The Police are looking for some additional domestic dogs which they want to train as police dogs. They advertise their need on TV and within days, people are bringing in dogs.
But then Joshua brings in his dog and the police officer on duty sees that it is a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
"But sir," says the police officer, trying hard not to laugh, "you really think this small dog can be a …..a police dog?"
"Oh yes," replies Joshua, "I thought it could operate as an undercover agent."

Your 5 Jokes for May 28, 2013: Stupidity Jokes


It's census time and the Levy's haven't yet returned their Census form. So a clerk from the council goes round to their house to remind them to do so. When the door opens, there stands 6 year old Sarah Levy. So the clerk says to her, "Hello little girl, is your father in?"

"No," says Sarah, "he's a doctor and he's carrying out an appendectomy operation at the hospital."

The clerk smiles and says, "Appendectomy - that's a very big word for a little girl. Do you know what it means?"

"Of course I do," replies Sarah, "I'm not stupid. It means £3,500 and it doesn't include the cost of my uncle, the anaesthetist."


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