Your 5 Jokes for August 28, 2012: Examination Jokes


Father: Why did you get such a low score in that test?

Son: Absence.

Father: You were absent on the day of the test?

Son: No, but the boy who sits next to me was!

Any Questions?

A professor attempting to inspire his students says to his class, "This week is your last chance to study for your final exam next Monday. Time is running out. The exam is now in the hands of the printer. Are there any questions?"

One student inquires, "How many questions will there be?"

Another student asks, "Will the exam require essay answers?"

A third wants to know, "Who's the printer?"

Blank Paper

Two friends, Anoop and Suneet, meet each other after completing their exam.

Anoop:did you write your exam well?

Suneet: No, I just returned the blank paper.

Anoop: I too did the same.

Suneet: The teacher will think we copied.


Dad: Son, this time I expect 80 percent marks in your final examination.

Son: No Dad, I think I'll manage 100 percent.

Dad: Don't joke with me.

Son: Who started the joke?


An irate father stormed into the principal's office. "I demand to know," he screamed, "why my son Winslow was given a zero on his English examination." "Now, don't get excited," said the principal. "We'll get your Winslow's English teacher in here. I'm sure she has some explanation." A few minutes later, the English teacher arrived. "Why did you give Winslow a zero on his English final?" demanded the father. "I had no choice," said the schoolmarm. "He handed in a blank paper with absolutely nothing on it." "That's no excuse," shouted the father. "You could have at least given him an 'A' for neatness!"

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