5 Cow Jokes

Bunch of Cows

Camper: Look at that bunch of cows.

Farmer: Not bunch, herd.

Camper: Heard what?

Farmer: Of cows.

Camper: Sure I've heard of cows.

Farmer: No, I mean a cowherd.

Camper: So what? I have no secrets from cows!

Five Things That Contain Milk

Teacher: Name five things that contain milk.

Pupil: Butter, cheese, ice cream ... and two cows!

Hitting the Cow

"Your Honor, it was an accident! I had to run into the fence to keep from hitting the cow!"

"Was it a Jersey cow?"

"I don't know, I didn't see her license plate!"

The Bull

A man climbed over a fence into a field to pick some flowers. He noticed a bull nearby.

"Say, farmer. Is that bull safe?"

"Well, he's a lot safer than you are right now!"

Milk Baths

"I hear you take milk baths."

"That's right."


"I can't find a cow tall enough for a shower!"

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