Your 5 Jokes for July 31, 2012: Bath Jokes

A Treatment

"It's just a cold," the doctor said. "There is no cure, and you'll just have to live with it until it goes away."

"But Doctor," the patient whined, "it's making me so miserable."

The doctor rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. Then he said, "Look, go home and take a hot bath. Then put a bathing suit on and run around the block three or four times."

"What!" the patient exclaimed. "I'll get pneumonia!"

"We have a cure for pneumonia," the doctor said.

Cold Bath

Doctor: Your system needs freshening up a bit. I suggest you take a cold bath every morning.

Patient: Oh, but I do, doctor.

Doctor: You do?

Patient: Yes, every morning I take a nice cold bath and fill it with nice hot water!


Stan: I won 92 goldfish.

Fred: Where are you going to keep them ?

Stan: In the bathroom

Fred: But what will you do when you want to take a bath ?

Stan: Blindfold them !

The Thieves

Two small time thieves had been sent by the Big Boss to steal a van load of goods from a bathroom suppliers. One stayed in the van as look out and the other went into the storeroom. Fifteen minutes went by, then half an hour, then an hour, and no sign of him. The look out finally grew impatient and went to look for his partner. Inside the store the two came face to face. "Where have you been?" demanded the worried look out. "The boss told me to take a bath, but I couldn't find the soap and a towel."

You Need A Haircut

Little five year old Johnny was in the bath tub, and his mom was washing his hair. She said to him, "Wow, your hair is growing so fast! You need a haircut again."

Little Johnny replied, "Maybe you should stop watering it so much."