Your 5 Jokes for April 11, 2013: Ant Jokes

A Ball On The Anthill

Once there was a golfer whose drive landed on an anthill. Rather than move the ball he decided to hit it where it lay. He gave a mighty swing. Clouds of dirt and sand and ants exploded from the spot. Everything but the golf ball. It sat in the same spot.

So he lined up and tried another shot. Clouds of dirt and sand and ants went flying again. The golf ball didn't even wiggle.

Two ants survived. One dazed ant said to the other, "Whoa! What are we going to do?"

Said the other ant: "I don't know about you, but I'm going to get on the ball."

Playing Hide-And-Seek

Once upon a time in India, there were an ant and an elephant which were playing hide-and-seek near a place which has 1000 temples. The elephant starts counting. The ant goes into one of the temples and hides. The elephant finishes counting, and within a few seconds knows which temple the ant entered. How does he know which one?

The ant left his slippers outside the temple.

The Ant And The Big Grizzly Bear

Once some hunters were after a big grizzly bear.

The grizzly didn't know what to do. He met his friend, ant on the road. He told ant his problem.

She said: "Don't worry. Just hide behind me!!! "

The Ant And The Elephant

An ant and an elephant got married. The next morning the ant wakes up and the elephant is dead.

"Sh*t!" says the ant. "One night of passion and I will spend the rest of my life digging a grave!"

The Motorbike Accident

One fine morning, an ant goes off to the market on his new motorbike. On the way there, he meets an elephant who asks him for a ride to the market. The ant says, okay, hop on, and they're on their way to the market. A little while later, they come across another elephant who also wants a lift to the market. The ant says, okay, hop on, and they're again on their way to the market. Just before they reach the market, they crash into the truck. The paramedics arrive, and they see that the elephants are in a very bad condition, on the verge of death, but the ant has escaped with just a few minor injuries! Why is this so?

The ant was wearing a helmet.

Later, the ambulance is seen speeding off to the hospital with the two elephants inside. Behind them, several ants on motorbikes follow. Why are the ants following the ambulance?

To donate blood.